Dani's List of Trusted Practitioners 

Astrologer & Coach

Name: Laurel Kassor
Business: Attuned Alignment
Title: Astrologer and Intuitive Alignment Coach
Bio: Laurel Kassor, a seasoned astrologer and intuitive coach, ignites your journey to authenticity and empowerment through the wisdom of the skies. With over 13 years of spiritual insight, Laurel has honed the interpretive art of astrology, dedicating herself to providing practical tools and heartfelt guidance for conscious living. By seamlessly blending her astrological expertise with intuitive gifts, Laurel enables you to harness cosmic forces for both personal and professional growth. Her dynamic teaching style shines through in her courses, mentorship, and coaching, fueling your spiritual path with inspiration and clarity.
Contact: www.attunedalignment.com,¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†@attuned_alignment, [email protected]

Astrologer, Hypnotist, Mentor 


Business: The Mystic Parlor

Website: Themysticparlor.com

Bio: Evelyn Zuel is an Astrologer, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, writer, teacher, mentor and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. She started her deep dive into the esoteric arts starting in 2012, when she surrendered to the divine for the purpose of healing her body from debilitating eczema. Evelyn started reading astrology charts in Los Angeles in 2015, and hosted weekly astrology meetups before moving to the desert. She has written astrology columns for Serpent Fire Tarot, Magic of I and Whole Person magazine and now offers private client readings for individuals and groups. Dedicated to illuminating other seekers, Evelyn hopes to guide others towards their true nature with the art of Astrology.

Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Mentor & Akashic Records Practitioner

Leigh Aschoff Heart Peace Healing 
Leigh Aschoff is a wisdom inviter. Leigh works with heart warriors ‚ÄĒ deep, creative beings who have experienced loss, childhood abandonment, heart break, othering and pain yet are still here, showing up for a healing process anchored in heart body. Leigh is a certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and Private Mentor as well as a certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner and Teacher.¬†
@heartpeacehealing (instagram)


Web Designer & Intuitive Business Coach

Business name: Dreamsyte
Bio: The team at Dreamsyte is passionate about helping people start a business they love but aren't quite sure how to get online and get started with personal branding, done for you websites and mini marketing plans.
Contact: dreamsyte.com


EFT Tapping Practitioner and the creator of the Healing and C-PTSD Chronicles Online Community & Magazine

Danielle Carpio is a complex trauma survivor, EFT Tapping Practitioner and the creator of the Healing and C-PTSD, a community for complex trauma survivors. She is on a mission to help people learn to develop the skills and techniques to communicate with their nervous system so they can reclaim power over their emotional landscape.

Danielle Carpio is a complex trauma survivor, eft tapping practitioner and the creator of healing and cptsd community. After surviving decades of complex trauma, she has become an example of resilience and strength, while on a mission to help people learn empowering ways to heal trauma.

Tapping with Dani (@tappingwithdani)


instagraM: @tappingwithdani

Healing and C-PTSD 


Instagram: @healing.and.cptsd

Life & Business Transformation Coach

Name: Tiara Alicea
Business: Tiara Alicea LLC
Tiara embodies the essence of a practical mystic, blending her roles as a transformation coach, creative entrepreneur, and conscious lifestyle creator to guide individuals towards soul alignment and sustainable evolution in life and business. With a deep passion for facilitating change and a commitment to mastery in her craft, Tiara helps awaken dormant potential and magic within her clients, translating complex ideas into actionable practices. Her client relationships are founded on vulnerability, sovereignty, and honesty, providing a safe space for profound transformation. Embracing continuous change and growth, Tiara stands ready to lead successful community transformations and guide individuals towards self-mastery and success on their journey of personal evolution.
Contact: [email protected]¬†(website email) or @tiaraalicea (instagram dm)