Hi, I’m Dani!I was certified to access the Akashic Records (and beyond) by my Friend, Teacher and Mentor Helen Vonderheid under the Linda Howe Institute. As well as accessing the Akashic Records, I am also a medium, a witch and an animal communicator.
And aside from the woo, I’m an activist, a traveler, a queer, neurodivergent person and an evolving human trying to navigate this planet just like everyone else!
My Mission: To provide and hold space for your growth, healing, transformation and advancement in this life and through all directions of time with the Akashic Records and accessing past lives. As well as helping you access the innate gifts within you & deepen your connection to spirituality and self.
When we access the Records, we are speaking to The Ascended Masters, Teachers and Ancestors/Loved Ones. Not only do I open the records but I also open a pathway to realms like Spirit, Angelic and Earth so that any beings of light that need to come through for you can do so.
My work doesn’t stop here- I also very much recognize my role and purpose here to help others open their own channel. Whether you want to access Spirit Realm, Akashic, or just want to deepen or start a connection to your own divine Spirit Team (Angels/Spirit Guides/Etc). Sign up for my Pathway Mentorship Program where you can go at your own pace or work 1:1 with me to help you learn about and open your own channel and get in touch safely and divinely.
*Please Note: Readings can be booked out 1-2+ weeks and Mentorship & other Program slots are limited per month and there is generally a 1-2+ month wait-list. Get your deposit in to secure your spot in line. Once you book your reading or mentorship/program, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours to get you scheduled!


Magic is absolutely real, I want to help you see that, I want to make magic with you! So…let’s make it!
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