Like a Search Engine for your soul, the Akashic Records and other high vibrational realms can give us clarity and insight that we may not be able to see ourselves. 


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Akashic Records & Past Life Readings 
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Inner Child Healing Program & Events 
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 Channeling Mentorship & Workshops
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I'm Dani, My Mission is to provide and hold space for your growth, healing, transformation and advancement in this life and through all directions of time with the Akashic Records and accessing past lives. As well as help you to heal current wounding and tap into your innate gifts.

Akashic Records & Past Lives

I offer General Akashic Readings, Past Life Readings and also Couples Readings! With a mix of channeling and oracle cards, I'll give you a pre-explanation of what to expect and how to prepare for your reading so you get the most out of it!


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Inner Child Healing

Whether you join me for an in-person retreat or you sign up for my brand new six session package, I will help you connect, care for and become the parent your inner child, teen and younger self has been waiting for. Healing patterns, behaviors and relationships across the board.


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Channeling Mentorship Program & Workshops

In order to be the channel I am today, I learned how to create my own Pathway into the records and other realms via invocation (spoken word)- Now, I teach others to make their own with my five week program (self paced or 1:1) - I also host and co-host many spiritual workshops (and have more coming) that you can check out as well!


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