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Discover the Akashic Records

What Are the Akashic Records?

Think of The Akashic Records as a vast cosmic library or database, transcending time and space. Here, the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul that has ever existed are recorded and preserved. It's a non-physical realm where thoughts, emotions, actions, and events weave together in the tapestry of existence.

Why Seek Guidance from the Akashic Records?

People turn to the Akashic Records for a reason. The belief is that accessing this universal source of wisdom can provide profound insights into their lives, leading to deep healing and understanding. This cosmic repository holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of your soul's journey.

Your Journey Awaits

What Can the Akashic Records Reveal?

By tapping into the Akashic Records, individuals may gain profound understanding about their life purpose, past experiences, karmic patterns, and the broader context of their existence. It's a transformative journey beyond ordinary conscious awareness, offering clarity, direction, and healing.

People seek this guidance because they believe in the power of the Akashic Records to provide profound understanding, healing, and direction in their lives.

Akashic Services Offered

  1. Akashic Records Readings:
    Embark on a personal journey with me to access the wisdom within your soul's records. Gain insights, clarity, and healing through a unique connection to the cosmic library.
  1. Past Lives Exploration:
    Uncover the mysteries of your past lives and understand how they influence your present experiences. Your divine team will guide us through the threads of time to reveal valuable insights.
  1. Couples Readings:
    Explore the dynamics of your relationship on a soul level. The Akasha offers unique insights that can strengthen your connection and provide guidance on your shared journey.
  1. Animal Readings:
    Connect with the energetic imprints of your animal companions. Gain a deeper understanding of their role in your life and the lessons they bring.

Why Choose Lionheart Liberation?

With compassion and intuition I am dedicated to assisting you in unlocking the self-discovery, insights and healing you seek. My mission is simple: To provide and hold space for your growth, healing, transformation and advancement in this life and through all directions of time.

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As a queer cis, white bodied human...

It feels right to me to offer an extension of my services to those that have been marginalized, systemically oppressed and continue to show up everyday for themselves, their ancestors and the Earth. If you identify as Queer and/or BIPOC, please accept this offer to pay-what-you-can for a 30 minute Akashic Reading.

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