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Pathway Mentorship Program

Open your channel and tune into your innate abilities

This one-on-one five-session mentorship program offers the chance to work with me in opening your channel (or refining your channeling practice) and creating a unique invocation that will protect you and allow you to explore other realms and speak to your own Divine Beings for everyday guidance and the ability to live more intuitively and achieve the best that this life has to offer! 

*With the purchase of this mentorship program, you also receive my Spiritual Routines & Hygiene Workshop FREE!

Spiritual Routines & Hygiene Workshop: 

Establish & Maintain your Spiritual Connection

Kick spiritual burnout in the butt with this 3.5 hour virtual workshop designed to help you reclaim, affirm, and commit to creating a strong, consistent spiritual practice.

Learn how to cultivate daily practices that nourish your soul and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being. Discover practical tips for creating a sacred space, incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine, and developing rituals that help you connect with your higher self.

Whether you're just starting out on your spiritual journey or seeking to deepen your practice, this workshop offers valuable insights and tools for cultivating a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


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